A world first in research for Australia Awards scholar, Goma Kumari Khatri
June 7, 2017

Goma Kumari Khatri discusses her mental health findings among pregnant Nepalese.

The world’s first population-based study examining mental health during pregnancy and pregnancy outcomes in an earthquake context has officially been conducted, and by an Australia Awards scholar!


Global emerging leader, Goma Kumari Khatri from Monash University, has used her breadth of knowledge in the health sector to collaborate with the Health Research and Social Development Forum (HERD) in Nepal to undertake this prospective cohort study.
Ms Khatri recruited 497 women who were pregnant at the time of the 2015 earthquake in Nepal to conduct interviews and assess their mental health. During this research, she uncovered baseline findings about the factors of mental health and common mental disorders during pregnancy.
This PhD comes after a significant educational journey for Ms Khatri. She has academic qualifications in nursing, public health and psychology. Complementing these qualifications, Ms Khatri has professional experience working for the Nepal Health Sector Support Programme and HealthRight International, focusing on neonatal, maternal and child health. Ms Khatri also has over six years’ experience lecturing on reproductive health and research.
With sights set for further studies, Ms Khatri is seeking collaboration with other national and international organisations to extend this research, focusing not only on women who were pregnant at the time, but also women who conceived following the earthquake.
Ms Khatri will be discussing her study at the upcoming Research for Development Impact (RDI) conference, to be held on 13 and 14 June 2017 in Sydney. To learn more about the conference please see here.
Last updated: June 7, 2017