Change is in the air for Australia Awards scholar Mr Mahdi Hasan
June 9, 2017
Mr Hasan is showing that emissions from traditional brick kilns in Dhaka have damaging effects on health and the environment

Mr Hasan has been undertaking extensive study to find a solution to air pollution during his Masters of Economics and Public Policy at the University of Queensland. His goal is to reduce negative health implications and improve the environment for Bangladeshis.


Air pollution in Bangladesh is reaching heights well above the prescribed World Health Organisation guidelines. Mr Hasan believes emissions from hundreds of traditional brick kilns in Dhaka and nearby cities are a major contributor. He is taking an innovative approach to this issue, suggesting that a policy mix including specific market based techniques, as well as command and control mechanisms, could be a solution.
Mr Hasan undertook training courses in China, Vietnam and India before arriving in Australia, using his experiences to gain a comprehensive understanding of ecological, environmental and developmental economics. His extensive experience working in field administration has provided further insight, adding depth to his studies.
Mr Hasan will explore his research paper entitled Brick Sector as A Major Contributor to Air Pollution in Dhaka, Bangladesh: The Need for A New Approach at the upcoming Research for Development Impact (RDI) conference held on 13 and 14 June 2017 in Sydney. To learn more about the conference please see here.
Last updated: June 9, 2017