Indonesian Australia Awards scholars in Canberra for BAGUS3 on-Award enrichment course
May 13, 2016
Indonesia on-Awards scholars in the forecourt of Australia’s Parliament House during the recent BAGUS 3 course in Canberra.
A group of 25 selected Indonesian Australia Awards students gathered in Canberra last month for BAGUS 3, a three-day introduction to the nuts and bolts of Australian government. 
BAGUS translates as “good” in Indonesian, and stands for Bringing Australian Government Understanding to Students. 
Run in the first and second semesters of each year, BAGUS is a popular part of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Australia Awards on-Award Enrichment Program for Indonesian scholars. The course was launched in 2015.
The first BAGUS course for 2016 was held from 29-31 March, with the participants chosen from more than 200 applicants.
BAGUS 3 participants are pursuing postgraduate studies in finance, public administration, urban planning, economics, environmental management, international relations and development at universities around Australia. Most are Indonesian government officials whose chosen fields of study relate directly to their jobs.
Over the three–day course, the BAGUS 3 participants heard presentations from senior Australian Government officials from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, the Australian Taxation Office, the Australian Public Service Commission, the Australian National Audit Office, and the Parliamentary Library.
BAGUS 3 subjects included Australia’s parliamentary processes, federal and state electoral systems, national budgetary processes, systems of accountability and transparency, and Australian Public Service policies related to recruitment, employment conditions, equity, disability and gender. 
The participants also visited Parliament House and the Australian Public Service Commission, and took a bus tour of Canberra which included visits to the National Museum and the War Memorial.  They were invited to the Indonesian Embassy to meet with the Ambassador.
Feedback on the course was enthusiastic and positive.  Many participants expressed appreciation for the ability of the program leader to draw clear comparisons between Australian and Indonesian government systems, while others enjoyed the opportunity to meet and network with senior Australian government officials.
The second BAGUS course in 2016 is scheduled for September. 
All Indonesian Australia Awards students who have completed at least one year of study in Australia by Semester 2 this year will be sent information on the course and invited to apply to attend.
Last updated: May 13, 2016