The great Aussie barbecue does the trick for 30 Australia Awards students
July 5, 2016

Proud new members of Queensland University of Technology’s Australia Awards Club…Laos on-Awards scholars Soukhavanh Langsy, Master of IT  (left)  and Soutsada Tinthongsai , Master of Business,  at the welcome barbecue.

​ A group of newly arrived Australia Awards scholars has been introduced to one of Australia’s big traditions―the great Aussie barbecue. The barbecue was hosted by the Queensland University of Technology Australia Awards Club in March 2016 at Southbank Parklands to help the new students settle into campus life and to Brisbane more broadly.
 “It was a great ice-breaker,” Club President Amit Chand Sukal said. “About 30 people from the Oceania, Africa and Asian regions came. We thought a barbecue would be a good way the students could mingle and get to know each other and their families. As well as the food, we played traditional games from the Philippines and watched dancing from Indonesia, so it was a friendly, multicultural day.”
The Australia Awards Club was formed in July 2015 to help Australia Awards scholarship students get the most out of their time in Australia. It encourages them to share their work, living and academic experiences and provides peer-to-peer support and networking opportunities. It also organises sport, cultural and social activities.
“When I began my PhD I would have had to struggle a lot if I hadn’t had a fellow Australia Awards scholarship student, who had come six months before me, to show me how things worked in the lab,” says Amit. “His experience meant that I could benefit from his tips and tricks. He really helped me a lot and we are the best of friends.”
The barbecue was funded through a Queensland University of Technology Student Clubs and Projects grant to help build a vibrant campus community. More events are planned throughout the year.
Last updated: July 5, 2016